Ease yourself into 2018….

It’s that time of year when we are bombarded with lots of information and advice about what we should or could be doing to improve our health and fitness.

In Touch Therapies 2018

How about taking a breath this year and resolving to take better care of yourself?

This will mean something different to each and everyone of you.

For those of you who want to give complementary therapies a try as a way to look after yourself, In Touch still offers home visits, pamper sessions for small groups of friends, as well as individual treatments at the recently opened Colinsburgh treatment room.

Putting aside a little time for yourself in this ways sends powerful messages to your brain and nervous system and helps give you the focus and energy to tackle the new goals of a new year. So why not ease yourself into 2018 and all it’s opportunties by booking an appointment with In Touch.

Just in time for the Christmas rush!

In Touch Therapies-Dec2017-Treatment RoomIn Touch is delighted to be opening a treatment room at Main Street, Colinsburgh.

Appointments will be available there from Friday 15th December.

In Touch Therapies-Dec2017-Treatment RoomThe first person to try out the room was a new client and she has booked two more appointments since then!

Liz said “Absolutely delighted to have been the first to experience your new treatment room. Thoroughly enjoyed the session and will definitely recommend.”

Don’t forget that In Touch also does home treatments, pamper sessions for small groups of friends and workplace wellbeing sessions too.

Stuck for present ideas?

Give the gift of relaxation this Christmas. For a unique and thoughtful present, In Touch vouchers are available for 30 minutes or an hour.

Vouchers can be used at the treatment room or towards a home treatment or pamper session.

Just contact Fiona for a voucher or use the In Touch Facebook shop.

Christmas giveaway!

In Touch Therapies-Dec2017-1To celebrate the opening of the treatment room In Touch is giving away three one hour treatments.

The prize draw will be announced on opening day, Friday 15 December.

All you have to do to get your name in the draw is:

Facebook-iconCheck out the In Touch Facebook page now!

National Stress Awareness Day 1st November 2017

National Stress Awareness Day - www.mind.org.ukIn Touch is marking National Stress Awareness Day this year by offering free taster treatments at Kingdom Housing Association.

As well as offering reflexology and indian head massage to reduce stress levels, Fiona will be providing leaflets, information and showing employees how to use hand reflexology techniques when they are feeling under pressure or stressed.

Taking a half hour out of your busy work day might feel indulgent but even a short period of relaxation can provide the benefits of increased energy and focus.

Fiona uses calming music, aromatherapy balms and oils to promote relaxation. A short break like this can revitalise, and slowing down can actually assist thought processes by creating time and space to think before tackling the next item on the to do list.

Reflexology and indian head massage use pressure and touch to calm and relax the parts of nervous system which are responsible for the stress response. These benefits continue after the treatment.

The impact of stress in the workplace can be far reaching with  over 11 million working days lost to stress in 2015/2016 (AoR, 2017). Long term studies have indicated links between stress and chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, heart disease and and musculoskeletal problems. In Denmark, studies have shown that offering workplace reflexology has reduced absenteeism and sick days as well as increasing wellbeing, motivation and satisfaction within the workplace.

Suddenly that half hour of time out doesn’t feel so indulgent after all, but a healthy and natural way to reduce your stress levels and improve your general health and wellbeing. As well as the studies and statistics, the last words go to Patricia from the NHS

I had foot reflexology and it was fabulously relaxing as well as amazing how ‘problem’ areas in your body can be spotted and managed through your feet!  Would definitely pay to have this again.

All the staff who did have a session yesterday are of the same opinion – they would love for Fiona to come here on a regular basis.

Reflecting on Reflexology Week, from a city office to a farm shop loft!


In Touch Therapies - World Reflexology Week displayI recently posted about workplace well being sessions and World Reflexology Week. In Touch was able to make good use of this annual event to promote reflexology in a variety of workplaces.

In addition the opportunity supported In Touch to make new local connections after recently moving to a new area. The taster treatments for the lucky employees who managed to book a slot were all free so it was win-win all round!

Find out more below about how the events went and how reflexology was received in two very different settings.

Ambitious plans

In Touch Therapies at Ardross Farm ShopThe Association of Reflexologists (AoR) provided excellent advice and support in relation to setting up the events. I approached four different work settings and I am at differing stages of developing a relationship with them all. The opportunity provided by Word Reflexology Week has moved my relationships and connections further forward with all four settings. It was also a source of valuable learning for me as I grow my business.

The AoR advises that having the lever of a national event or initiative can be a useful “hook” into a workplace. I found that it provided a context for why In Touch was offering free treatments. It gave the offer a legitimacy and the professional back drop of the AoR itself lets potential customers know that I am registered with a professional body.

Two of the settings I approached weren’t able to take me up on the offer of free treatments during World Reflexology Week. I was able to suggest that we could do the session on National Stress Awareness day on the 1st November and In Touch is now providing the free treatments and promoting reflexology then instead.

My plans for the week had perhaps been a little ambitious as I continued to provide my regular individual and workplace treatments! However, working in two rather than four different settings was manageable alongside my everyday business and was still successful in promoting reflexology and In Touch Therapies. Read on to find out how the taster treatments were received in two very different workplaces.

Reflexology in the city

In Touch Therapies at Queens Cross Housing AssociationIn Touch has been working alongside Queens Cross Housing Association in Glasgow, for 3 years. I have a regular client base there, offering 18 treatments across two days each month.  I offered additional reflexology taster treatments for free to promote World Reflexology Week. This was aimed at staff who had not had reflexology before. Following Dianne’s poster campaign and Nicola’s office tour giving motivational chats they were all booked up!

I got a chance to offer hand reflexology which I am not often asked for and introduced another 5 members of staff to the benefits of reflexology. At the regular session the following week one of this group of staff booked for a paid treatment.

In Touch Therapies cake break at Queens Cross Housing AssociationThe reception staff always give me a warm and friendly welcome when I arrive with all my bags and I was delighted that two of this team were able to have a free taster treatment. Particularly when one of them arrived with a lovely cake for me, half the way through the event. Perfect timing! This successful afternoon session was followed later in the week by a day at a local farm shop.

Reflexology down at the farmIn Touch Therapies at Ardross Farm Shop

Ardross Farm shop is a family run business near Elie in Fife. After moving to the area recently I contacted Claire as a start to building my local connections and had a fantastic day meeting the staff team from both the farm and the farm shop. Again I was able to give both hand and foot treatments and I enjoyed the diverse experience of treating both men and women, working in a range of different roles. The team were also a good mix of different age groups. Sometimes it can take a few visits to a workplace before male staff start to come along so it was very positive that men made up nearly half of the attendees on a first visit.

In Touch Therapies lovely fruit and veg box from Ardross Farm ShopClaire very kindly covered the shop for staff there to get their 30 minute treatments and once again I was well looked after with lovely fresh coffee during the sessions and a fabulous box of fruit and vegetables from the farm at the end of the day! It was a great opportunity for me to contribute to the business community in the area,  whilst also letting some more of the locals know that In Touch has moved nearby.

So was it is all worth it?

Interestingly whether it is a city or a rural work setting, word of mouth is invaluable, despite how much we all use social media for making connections. I got lots of ideas from both settings about different things I could do in the near future to make more connections and I was able to share the benefits of reflexology with a wider audience. So for me holding free events on World Reflexology Week was most definitely worth it.

World Reflexology Week and Workplace Wellbeing

It is World Reflexology Week from Monday 18th- Sunday 24 September and this year’s theme is corporate or workplace reflexology.

Read on to find out how  In Touch Therapies started out offering reflexology in the workplace and the benefits it can bring.

Workplace Wellbeing Sessions from In Touch Therapies

Workplace Wellbeing- World Reflexology Week 2017 logoI started my own journey to become a complementary therapist 10 years ago. I was part of a lucky team who received monthly treatments at the office I worked in. A local therapist would base herself in a room in our office and gave us 30-minute treatments during our working day. Back then we organised this ourselves and we all looked forward to our half an hour of time for us. Personally, I found it decreased my stress levels and eased the aches and pains that you can experience sitting at computers for long periods of time.

We certainly all noticed a difference when our therapist was no longer able to offer us treatments and this very positive experience set me on the path that I am on today.

I have been offering workplace wellbeing sessions, (as I like to call them!) for four years now and have delivered them in a range of settings, from IT to the NHS.  I used my network of friends and colleagues that I built up over 20 years in social work. My most successful contact was through a good friend in a management position in a housing association that I had worked alongside when I was a social worker. My friend linked me in here to the Human Resources (HR) Team and made use of the Healthy Working Lives Scheme to encourage and sustain the involvement of the staff and senior management. I have been delivering the sessions, twice a month, for three years.

The appointments are co-ordinated for me there by an HR Officer and the HR manager. Both receive regular treatments and give and share positive feedback from staff in relation to improvements in their wellbeing and stress levels and alleviation of ailments. The Chief Executive also books in for appointments and each time has fed back that the staff are benefiting from the regular treatments.

Spreading the word

Word is spreading in the organisation and the regular clients pass on their positive experience and I see new faces and feet every time I visit! Equally word has also spread to other local housing associations and after having moved recently I was also able to use testimonials and references to set up a new arrangement with another housing association which is more local to me. I have used this experience and used another friend as a contact to offer the sessions in a NHS setting and have since been invited back by the team after a very positive initial taster session.

In both settings, the employees offer services and support to the public in busy and often stressful circumstances. The staff share with me how much they value and appreciate their half hour, noting that it is helpful that In Touch comes to their workplace, making it easier to fit into their busy work and life schedules.

It is both a pleasure and privilege to be able to offer these sessions.  It is very rewarding as a therapist to hear regularly how the treatments have helped with symptoms, improved wellbeing and reduced aches and pains. But don’t take my word for it! Here are a few quotes from regulars and a recent taster session.

I have been attending the workplace wellbeing sessions with Fiona since January this year. The treatments are so relaxing, I nearly falling asleep during the massage. Fiona is also great at adapting each session to suit your needs. I hope our Health Working Lives group keeps running these sessions as I look forward to it every month.

Debbie, Queens Cross Housing Association

 Just wanted to say thank you so much for the therapy session I had with Fiona yesterday.  I had foot reflexology and it was fabulously relaxing as well as amazing how ‘problem’ areas in your body can be spotted and managed through your feet!  Would definitely pay to have this again.

All the staff who did have a session yesterday are of the same opinion – they would love for Fiona to come here on a regular basis. 

Patricia, NHS Lothian

Had a reflexology treatment and was immediately so impressed that I booked a block of sessions for the coming year, my feet felt great afterwards and I found the session so relaxing and was able to chill for 30 mins.

Looking forward to the next one.

Linda, Queens Cross Housing Association

I have been receiving 2 treatments per month at work for over a year now and I absolutely love the treatments provided by Fiona.  Fiona is such a lovely person and makes you feel so relaxed; in fact, during the treatment I’m nearly falling asleep!  I would recommend to anyone!

Gillian, Queens Cross Housing Association