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Work Place Wellbeing Sessions, In Touch arrives in Glasgow

By November 5, 2014November 6th, 2014Therapy News

Queens Cross Housing Association are hosting a day of work place well being on 12 November. Employees have access to 30 minute treatments during their working day and return to their desk relaxed and refreshed after Indian Head Massage, Reflexology or Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage.

This is the second time In Touch has provided work place wellbeing sessions at Queens Cross Housing Association. The previous taster sessions Β were held on three afternoons in June and were fully booked and positively evaluated. As a forward thinking employer, the housing association recognises the importance of the well being of their staff.

A quiet and private room is provided which is separate from the main office creating an environment that provides employees the opportunity to switch off completely for 30 minutes. This type of relaxing break can enhance concentration and focus so it benefits both the employer and employee. When treatments are offered regularly to employees stress can be reduced leading to increased productivity and improved well being.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Fiona to find out how wellbeing sessions can be held in your workplace.