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Ease yourself into 2018….

It’s that time of year when we are bombarded with lots of information and advice about what we should or could be doing to improve our health and fitness.

In Touch Therapies 2018

How about taking a breath this year and resolving to take better care of yourself?

This will mean something different to each and everyone of you.

For those of you who want to give complementary therapies a try as a way to look after yourself, In Touch still offers home visits, pamper sessions for small groups of friends, as well as individual treatments at the recently opened Colinsburgh treatment room.

Putting aside a little time for yourself in this ways sends powerful messages to your brain and nervous system and helps give you the focus and energy to tackle the new goals of a new year. So why not ease yourself into 2018 and all it’s opportunties by booking an appointment with In Touch.

National Stress Awareness Day 1st November 2017

National Stress Awareness Day - Touch is marking National Stress Awareness Day this year by offering free taster treatments at Kingdom Housing Association.

As well as offering reflexology and indian head massage to reduce stress levels, Fiona will be providing leaflets, information and showing employees how to use hand reflexology techniques when they are feeling under pressure or stressed.

Taking a half hour out of your busy work day might feel indulgent but even a short period of relaxation can provide the benefits of increased energy and focus.

Fiona uses calming music, aromatherapy balms and oils to promote relaxation. A short break like this can revitalise, and slowing down can actually assist thought processes by creating time and space to think before tackling the next item on the to do list.

Reflexology and indian head massage use pressure and touch to calm and relax the parts of nervous system which are responsible for the stress response. These benefits continue after the treatment.

The impact of stress in the workplace can be far reaching with  over 11 million working days lost to stress in 2015/2016 (AoR, 2017). Long term studies have indicated links between stress and chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, heart disease and and musculoskeletal problems. In Denmark, studies have shown that offering workplace reflexology has reduced absenteeism and sick days as well as increasing wellbeing, motivation and satisfaction within the workplace.

Suddenly that half hour of time out doesn’t feel so indulgent after all, but a healthy and natural way to reduce your stress levels and improve your general health and wellbeing. As well as the studies and statistics, the last words go to Patricia from the NHS

I had foot reflexology and it was fabulously relaxing as well as amazing how ‘problem’ areas in your body can be spotted and managed through your feet!  Would definitely pay to have this again.

All the staff who did have a session yesterday are of the same opinion – they would love for Fiona to come here on a regular basis.

Fiona is great at adapting each session to suit your needs

I have been attending the workplace wellbeing sessions with Fiona since January this year. Both the Indian head massage and the back neck and shoulder massage are so relaxing, I nearly falling asleep during the massage. Fiona is also great at adapting each session to suit your needs. I hope our Health Working Lives group keeps running these sessions as I look forward to it every month.


In Touch@Fitness Therapy,Glasgow

Looking forward to another day at the lovely treatment room at Fitness Therapy, Finnieston, Glasgow. I am there 12-7pm today and on 13 March at the same times.

Work Place Wellbeing Sessions, In Touch arrives in Glasgow

Queens Cross Housing Association are hosting a day of work place well being on 12 November. Employees have access to 30 minute treatments during their working day and return to their desk relaxed and refreshed after Indian Head Massage, Reflexology or Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage.

This is the second time In Touch has provided work place wellbeing sessions at Queens Cross Housing Association. The previous taster sessions  were held on three afternoons in June and were fully booked and positively evaluated. As a forward thinking employer, the housing association recognises the importance of the well being of their staff.

A quiet and private room is provided which is separate from the main office creating an environment that provides employees the opportunity to switch off completely for 30 minutes. This type of relaxing break can enhance concentration and focus so it benefits both the employer and employee. When treatments are offered regularly to employees stress can be reduced leading to increased productivity and improved well being.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Fiona to find out how wellbeing sessions can be held in your workplace.