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In Touch is off on holiday

After a busy summer I am looking forward to taking two weeks holiday and will be back on Monday 16 September.

This summer has seen an increase in individual bookings at In Touch,  as well as more workplaces offering more well being sessions than this time last year.

So it’s a lovely positive time to take a break and recharge my batteries.

I will be switching off my work emails and messages whilst I am off but will get back to you on Monday 16 September if you get in contact when I’m on holiday.

A big thank you to all my lovely clients for keeping me busy and I am looking forward to seeing you all for more relaxing treatments in the autumn.

Relax into 2019 with In Touch Therapies

Keen to avoid the barrage of posts about resolutions? Tired of the “new year, new you” theme that can dominate at this time of year? Read on to find out how this photo inspired In Touch to have a different type of new year message to share.

Milly, mindfulness and getting back to nature

Milly, this very relaxed bundle of fluff,  has taken to regularly chilling out in amongst the Buddha’s, candles and plants. When I took this photo last night I realised that this image, was the message I wanted to share at the start of 2019.

Milly has only been with us 3 months and has taught me so much already about living in the moment. Enjoying the little things and the benefits of regular walks in nature.

She has managed to keep me very busy. Whilst also getting me to stop and enjoy the view, the weather or just take some time out to get a doggy hug. Milly has made sure I am getting time away from work. She has also reintroduced me to walking as exercise and a time for thinking things over and problem solving.

I’m not suggesting everyone should get a dog or puppy or playing down the huge responsibility and lifestyle change that comes along with being a dog owner. But Milly has reminded me of the importance of playing, resting and taking the time to enjoy the little things. A valuable lesson for me at the start of a new year.

Resolve to relax more!

Hopefully this brief shaggy dog story encourages you to think of your own ways to rest, relax and take some time out for you.

Complementary therapies offer similar benefits, creating time and space for relaxation that can bring health and wellbeing improvements. This includes the focus and energy we all need for goal setting and planning at the start of a new year.  From individual treatments in your own home to workplace wellbeing sessions, In Touch can support you with your plans for 2019 through the benefits of reflexology or indian head massage.

A very happy new year from In Touch Therapies and Milly the very relaxed Golden Doodle.

National Stress Awareness Day 1st November 2017

National Stress Awareness Day - Touch is marking National Stress Awareness Day this year by offering free taster treatments at Kingdom Housing Association.

As well as offering reflexology and indian head massage to reduce stress levels, Fiona will be providing leaflets, information and showing employees how to use hand reflexology techniques when they are feeling under pressure or stressed.

Taking a half hour out of your busy work day might feel indulgent but even a short period of relaxation can provide the benefits of increased energy and focus.

Fiona uses calming music, aromatherapy balms and oils to promote relaxation. A short break like this can revitalise, and slowing down can actually assist thought processes by creating time and space to think before tackling the next item on the to do list.

Reflexology and indian head massage use pressure and touch to calm and relax the parts of nervous system which are responsible for the stress response. These benefits continue after the treatment.

The impact of stress in the workplace can be far reaching with  over 11 million working days lost to stress in 2015/2016 (AoR, 2017). Long term studies have indicated links between stress and chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, heart disease and and musculoskeletal problems. In Denmark, studies have shown that offering workplace reflexology has reduced absenteeism and sick days as well as increasing wellbeing, motivation and satisfaction within the workplace.

Suddenly that half hour of time out doesn’t feel so indulgent after all, but a healthy and natural way to reduce your stress levels and improve your general health and wellbeing. As well as the studies and statistics, the last words go to Patricia from the NHS

I had foot reflexology and it was fabulously relaxing as well as amazing how ‘problem’ areas in your body can be spotted and managed through your feet!  Would definitely pay to have this again.

All the staff who did have a session yesterday are of the same opinion – they would love for Fiona to come here on a regular basis.